Friday, 10 August 2007

Technical Difficulties

Apologies for my less than frequent posts, but many things have occurred since which I don't feel obliged to talk about. Bought a new guitar, went to Morocco, then to Ireland (Quite eventful, don't you agree?).

My new guitar, nothing special, but it plays like god's fiddle: The Ibanez RG350 DX, it's serving me well. Although the Floyd Rose is way too flat, I suppose it'd be worth replacing and getting some new pickups (SH-6s?). I still intend to complete my current project, it’s going to consist of a single pickup (Cross between a SH-5 or SH-6, yes I love Seymour Duncans) and a good licensed Floyd Rose. Should be fun, who knows?

I've come to the decision to re-locate to London, on the basis it has a gigantic Power Metal scene moving in at the moment. It really should be great, I intend to work on my CV some more and look for a job in the area to afford some form of accommodation, let's hope it works out.