Thursday, 23 August 2007

I am not Iron Man, I'm Rock Man

So, results day. Didn't really feel worried about it, although I'll admit my expectations weren't high. After being handed my envelope, I made a dash over to my mum's hospital before I could open it. Yeah, I'm pleased with the results, and plus there's a good chance I might have a job in September which I'll get to later. For the moment anyway, I'm focused on bands and guitar work- although this clearly isn't a bright idea now that I have to find a trade, but still I suppose it'll give me something to strive to achieve.

The job, yeah, this is absolutely perfect. I'd be working as an administrator's assistant, performing tasks like inputting date, posting letters and other spreadsheet based work. It's Monday - Friday and I'd get £6 an hour for working only 4 hours a day (4.o0pm-8.00pm). I looked over the application form, although my contract would expire on March, my annual yearly salary is something close to £10,000(!!!).