Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So yeah, shit...

Basically, I've been kicked out of my home. Yes, srsly. For the time being, I have to focus on finding a job to provide a solid income- then possibly find some appropriate accommodation; after checking a few sites, the only place that'd suit my budget would be some Student Accommodation or maybe a boarding house. I'd be living in a cramped room with some angst riddled teens, pretty much.

But hey, that's how it goes friends, the 'Real World' as they so adequately deem it- and I don't mind a bit. In fact, I love this, finally I can stand on my own and learn an important lesson in perspective and formalities: My father was a rich bitch, so I lived the Silver Spoon lifestyle which I hated.

Jobs Northeast sucks balls, as the only stable work I can find is either 'Gala Bingo Chat Room Moderator' or 'Sales Assistant'. Check this out, apparently I'd be offering advice on sofa designs while ensuring them a 'unique shopping experience'. How the fuck can I grant them unique shopping experience, explaining that there is no such sofa shaped like Chuck Norris' Fist? It's insane I tells ya!

Ridiculously, I'm still going on my long awaited venture to Morocco. I paid the full deposit and fee, so why not? All I need is spending money, some clean underwear and some insect repellent. I bought a cowboy hat to add to this rather novel experience, at least I'll look like less of a shemale flashing my headgear. God, it sucks having long hair.

I'll be sure to update in about 2 weeks about my experiences, later all.