Monday, 11 June 2007


Ah I finally caved, after playing the waiting game long enough I've acquired a Wii. The funny thing is, it was never a case of trying to find one, nope, it was more the fact that I've been outta cash recently. Saving up for that new 200w amp is going to get a lot harder than expected, but still, at least I have Zelda; that makes everything better

First and foremost, the Mii system is moronically entertaining. Despite still having troubles correctly positioning the mole on the right side of my cheek (For the love of God, don't ask), everything seems to be in-depth. I won't bore everyone with trivial, but just rest assured that everything is fluid and Wii Sports with personalised Miis is the funnest way to play. Getting the Wii online was a difficult matter on my behalf, I'm using a Linksys router which seemed impossible to pickup until only recently (Still having troubles with Wii Shop, though).

Red Steel, oh boy, you critics are wrong. This game is beautiful, I've never had such a vivid interest in an FPS since Half-Life, the entire control scheme is beautiful on so many levels. Sure, the fairly poor A.I and the scripted dialogue is annoying - but these are but minor flaws in comparison to the diamond that is the heart of the game.

Wii Play? Funny story, actually. I went out the other day to purchase a second controller my girlfriend could play, was left with either the Wii-Mote itself (£30) or the Wii Play and Wii-Mote bundle (£33). A little obvious that the choice was unanimous, Wii Play is an excellent time waster. £3 for an assortment of Mini-Games really does seem like a fat deal, Pool and Air Hockey are truly testament to this considering the motions are fluid and the details are excellent.

I'd love to bore everyone about my experiences with the Wii until the dawn of eternity, but quite frankly, I gots me some Zelda to play.