Sunday, 13 May 2007

New PC? Yes! - Vista? What?

I've went long enough without a PC, yesterday was the time to purchase a new one. And for a change, I threw caution to the wind - bollocks to the 'Money Saver' uber pile of crap, I wanted something with "Umpth!". I wanted to run programs only steadily available to the C.I.A, I wanted games that'd make Uwi Bowl cry because of his adaptations.

Yesterday, we made the journey to PC World - We weren't apt to 'Extended Warranty' or 'The newest craptacular edition of Office', but still, wanted a tower that could handle current gen games - perhaps even future titles that require Duel Core machines. It was a cross between the 'HP 2129' and the 'Packard Bell iMedia 2489', and due to the extra processing power the HP became the victor.

Duel Core processor? Yes 1gig ram? Yes! nVidia Geforce 7500LE? YES! Windows Vista compatible? ...No. My reaction was something along them lines, the minute we brought that baby back home the decision was a cross between running 'Windows XP' or ask for an immediate refund. Oh c'mon, everyone knows Vista has its own epitaph the result of consistent bugs. The propaganda only worsened things, I panicked at the prospect of opening the Control Panel and the entire system blocking up (Hey, it happens).

But you know? Word of Mouth can only go so far. I haven't had a single encounter with a bug or malicious piece of software, every thing's been running smoothly. Hell, even the side panel gadgets aren't half bad: Despite being gimmicky, they're extremely cool. Windows Media Center? Ha, if I get a Xbox 360 instead of a Wii I'll have quite some fun streaming Testament anthems between systems. Microsoft Works? Watered down edition of Microsoft Office, but so what? It's free god damn it!

Once the Service Pack 1 goes public, I'm looking forward to most of the issues being tackled. But I haven't really had any trouble whatsoever so far, so why bother complaining?