Monday, 30 April 2007

In Mother Russia, Rome visits you

Taking into consideration exams are coming up, now seemed the ideal time to go on holiday! Italy, more specifically, Rome I am speaking of - Despite a few short indiscretions, I can safely say I will visit once more.

First and foremost, Italians are great. In all sincerity, I've been throughout the majority of Europe and only second to Norwegians, they are one of the awesomest. The taxi driver refreshed us on the local language, why Italian food and culture makes Britain look like a kebab house and what to do during our stay. The majority of the day after was spent exploring the lush landscape, scouting out places eat and famous landmarks - in other words, day one went extremely well.

The second day was a different story, though, as we decided to visit the Vatican. Bad idea, considering it cost 115 euro for a guided tour of the place itself - almost everywhere you turned was a gift shop with a smug nun at the counter. And the worst part? Not a penny of the proceeds goes to charity. Greedy bastards.

Aside from that, great time. I look forward to visiting in the near future.