Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I swear, computers hate me

Ok, this is starting to piss me off. After taking work seriously, for a brief moment, I decide working into the am won't do wonders for motivation and decide to switch off and get some sleep. Considering Microsoft just love to bombard it's customers with updates, I decided to let the update run its course while I sleep - I woke up the next morning to find the monitor's not switching on, and later realize that the PC itself is fried.

The bad thing is that work on the site has pretty much gone to shit now, although the HDD survived the damage. Good thing is, after 4 years of waiting, I'm getting a new PC. Happy days!

The news of the Halo 3 footage leak is quite a shock to everyone, although it's great to finally get some progress from the horse's mouth. I've never followed the Halo series religiously, although I must say from this video, I'm definitely going to line up on launch day to get a taste of this. Although the Single Player campaign in almost every Halo game I've played hasn't lived up to its standards, the Multiplayer component seriously looks killer from this footage; Crackdown looks worth purchasing a lot more already.

Speaking of information leaks, remember that game Half-Life 2? Sure you do! Well, some clever chaps from Mighty Crain Films (They specialize in machinima for Half-Life 2 using Garry's Mod) have created this. Amazingly edited, I love how they use bloom to portray summer.