Monday, 19 November 2007

Just a smaaaall town girrrrrrl, livin' in a loooooonely world

For god's sake, why did Journey have to write lyrics that are so catchy? Anyway, hello people, my apologies for lack of updates. Between the band I'm in actually making some astounding progress, and my former job leaving me little time for masturbation- I've had no time to breathe. I left my old job because they expected me to work 48 hours a week, for what they described as 'Trainee Wage' (i.e. £50). Fortunately, they didn't get the last laugh, I should run a good chance of landing a job in Liverpool or Newcastle sometime soon.

Anyway, I've had the opportunity to give Assassin's Creed a seeing to- and while I had no anticipation or expectations towards the game, I can say it's been a blast so far. While the mechanics are repetitive and diluted, the free-running and story more than made up for it's shortcomings. The only thing I genuinely detested was the travel between locations, it just seems so god damn annoying when a bunch of crusaders chase after you for galloping for a short time- "BUT MY WIFE IS PREGNANT!", "Haha, nice excuse you infidel fuck. Gentlemen, kill this guy because he looks like a Pedro-breed-pedophile"

Sure, it's rinse and repeat, but beyond the annoyance of traveling to your destination it actually isn't that bad. Nice job guys, but if a sequel is in the wings I'd damn well love some form of currency, disguises and maybe a hunt mechanic along with the ability to sell said items at a market stall. Oh, and I just pre-booked tickets to see Megadeth in February. Yes, I believe my penis has increased 3 inches.