Monday, 15 October 2007

Boiling Point

So, considering my connection has been giving me all sorts of trouble, one rainy day I decided to go through some of my classics. Darting through the 'Has Been' titles, varying from Tomb Raider to Vampire Bloodlines I stumbled upon a torn copy of Boiling Point- at which point I chronically showered for hours because I felt dirty. You know, I enjoyed Boiling Point when I finally got my hands on it, a lot. But it was just impossible to smoothly run, considering the about of bugs plaguing the experience (Old Ladies selling flowers, feeling threatened, and arming themselves to the teeth with pineapples and grenades). That is, until I realised that a patch was made available more recently.

If you acknowledge the generation gap, and still are willing to give the game a shot, you'll find you won't go wrong with the rich experience available. You'll find that this time around, they actually nailed the open-ended diverse landscape explorable. It makes me think back to the dawning, piss poor, shabby attempt at these RPG elements made available with S.T.A.L.K.E.R- Lord knows these guys nailed it this time around. That being said, some factors seem ridiculous with Boiling Point. Stumbling around the jungle at night feels like a rhetorical game of Russian Roulette, preying by some god given divine miracle you won't run into an enemy faction.

Despite this, all in all, you really can't go wrong here. And when you'd suddenly expect Deep Shadows to be the envy of resentment, with their first title being a victim of public reception- no. They still have another crack at the industry, after finding trailers for White Gold and Precursors it well and truly seems like they've learned from the formalities of their previous efforts. According to recent previews, this time they're not rushing either title- both are using heavy factors of bug testing to attempt to nail the failures of Boiling Point. All in all, it genuinely looks like it'll be a success- and those who were not advocates of the original, cannot go wrong here. Look for both titles in early '08.