Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Dave Mustaine, you idiot

I've gotta say right off the bat, I'm a pretty big Megadeth fan: I have the majority of their back catalogue on disk, an assortment of merchandise cluttering my room (Including an original signed LP of 'So far...So Good...So What!'), hell, I'm even seeing them at the Academy next month! But I've got to say, there should be so law that prohibits Dave Mustaine from talking. Ever.

I managed to stumble upon a video that once again shoots his credibility in the foot. Again. Yeah, just when you thought his hypocrisy and general lack of common sense could reach an all time low, here the retard is coming up with his own words like 'ROCKSTARIATOUS' to describe politicians. That's right, the Oxford English Dictionary is going to have a field day on this shit! I couldn't go two minutes without cringing at the way he spews his unfounded opinions 'Besides the bass isn't a difficult instrument to play, it's just one step up from the Kazoo' Looks like James Lomenzo is out of a job, then!

I just love how in most of the the footage Mustaine is hunched up, with his strands of ginger hair littering the recesses of his face like some overweight B.B. King; and this is the man that people considered the ideal President of the United States. Fantastic. A man that left home at 15, and begun selling pot to make ends meat. Get a fucking shave, you look pathetic.